Happy birthday, Daddy

Today’s my daddy’s birthday, so when you’re done reading this be sure to go wish him a happy b-day!  
The real point of this post, though, is a thank you. Some of you may not know this, because really in the scheme of things it’s fairly irrelevant, but my dad is actually my step father. I set him up with my mom at my first “wheelchair party” when I was 4, and then was a part of their wedding when I was 7. But really, he’s the only man I ever have and ever will call my dad. 

It’s pretty uncommon to find a young man (well, he was young at the time) who is willing to date a single mom. I’m pretty sure that “must have a child” isn’t usually on the list of must-have qualities in a future partner. But a man patient enough to date a single mom to a child with a disability? That’s like finding a unicorn. My dad’s a really smart man so I can’t imagine he didn’t know – to some extent – what he was getting into. He was signing up for hospital stays, medical expenses, and helping with personal care for a daughter who wasn’t really his – all while working a full time job. 

I’m not saying all this for y’all to pity him, or to make our life sound terrible. I’m writing it because he would never complain about the extra work, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not appreciative for all my dad does for me. He never makes me feel like I owe him anything – even after he’s worked an 11 hour day, and then has to help me take a shower during the little downtime he has. He’s so patient and, although like all families we have our problems, my parents, brother, and I all live a fairly “normal” everyday life. 

So, happy birthday Daddy! I hope you had a good day shopping for vinyl records like the old man you are!


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