Maine, the way life should be

If you’ve ever talked to me, or seen my posts on social media, or possibly even looked at me, you know that the one thing I hate more than anything in the world is cold weather – more specifically, I’m convinced that snow is really just Satan’s tears. The only Winter Wonderland in my book is a palm tree with colored lights on it surrounded by sand. That’s it. Below, you can find a short list of the things I do in Maine in the winter.

1. Cry, because it’s cold and my fingers hurt

2. Watch Dexter, because it satisfies my need to see Florida sunshine, as well as my own personal winter-induced “dark passenger”

3. Make 7 or 8 attempts to get into a building, because my wheelchair keeps sliding down the ramp no matter how much sand or salt we put on it

4. Cry, because instead of being inside where it’s warm I’m outside literally spinning my wheels

5. Text my best friend to ask her if she’d like to spontaneously move to Florida, today

6. Make a pros+cons list of living in a house in Maine vs. a cardboard box in Florida

7. Google flights to Orlando

8. Sit in front of the woodstove and stare at the wall, because it’s better than sitting in the cold to watch TV

9. Cry, because there’s 4 more months of misery

10. Pull myself together, because Lilly Pulitzer season is right around the corner



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